Pipeline 1

Novel combination Alzheimer's disease (AD) drug (NV909AD) is designed to target both anti-amyloid antibody and neuroinflammation in order to increase drug effectiveness to slow down cognitive decline of AD patients. (Preclinical stage)

Pipeline 2

Cancer immunotherapeutic drug (NV901C) targeting ECM-BrCA (extracellular matrix-associated breast cancer antigen, undisclosed) for the treatment of breast cancer patients. (Preclinical stage)

Pipeline 3

Lateral flow rapid kits of early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (feasibility test)

Pipeline 4

Lateral flow rapid kits of early diagnosis of breast cancer (feasibility test)

Based on our Testing Services established in ELISA techniques of early diagnosis of Alzheimer's and breast cancerwe are interested in the development of lateral flow rapid kits by converting ELISA techniques to lateral flow assay.

For development/partnership, contact yang@vancbiotechnology.com.