Alzheimer's Early Detection and its Combination Drug

will help you get better and stay healthier.

1. Combination Alzheimer's disease (AD) drug (NV909AD) targeting both β-amyloid protein and neuroinflammation, supported by the combined β-amyloid protein and neuroinflammation hypothesis

β-Amyloid protein and neuroinflammation are the hallmarks of AD pathogenesis in the brain. 

NV909AD is the first combination AD drug targeting both β-amyloid protein

and neuroinflammation. NV909AD would increase the drug effectiveness to slow down cognitive

decline of Alzheimer’s patients, compared with mono β-amyloid antibody-based drug such as

Biogen's lecanemab and Eli lilly's donanemab. NV909AD would be a potential strategy to

overcome the limited effectiveness of anti-Aβ antibody therapeutic drug.

The company plans to test its efficacy and safety in an attempt to increase clinical trial 


2. Cancer immunotherapeutic drug (NV901C) targeting abnormal extracellular matric (ECM)-associated breast cancer antigen (ECM-BrCA) for the treatment of cancer patients with breast cancer.

ECM-BrCA targeting therapeutic strategies are designed to neutralize abnormal ECM-BrCA in an effort to block tumor growth and metastasis in breast cancer. These strategies include ECM-BrCA neutralizing antibody, treatment dose, method, safety, efficacy, etc.

                         Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease                           

( Bioassay to measure β-amyloid protein autoantibody and 

total antioxidant capacity (TAC) in blood serum)

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                      Molecular Structure of phospho-MAPK 


A rapid test of Redox colorimetric TAC assay kit  by using a tiny amount of whole blood from the fingerstick serum  is now available in the marketplace as a format of a point-of care application. (Aug. 2019) 

Cancer immunotherapeutic drug (NV901C) targeting abnormal ECM-BrCA for the treatment of breast cancer patients. (Sept. 2021)

Combination AD drug (NV909AD) is developed to target both β-amyloid protein and neuroinflammation. (April 2022)


New AD combination biomarkers, 

β-amyloid autoantibody and total antioxidant 

capacity (TAC) are specific for early AD diagnosis. (Oct. 2022) 

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Vanc Biotechnology is committed to the research and development of diagnosis and drugs for cancer, 

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Our commitment is to develop the preventive screening test from human blood serum or plasma for 

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Along this line, Vanc Biotechnology has been participated in the development of new serum biomarkers 

for early cancers and Alzheimer's diseases.




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